Helping Online Business Owners:

Learn to strategically grow & scale your business, without the bullsh*t!

Dan Holloway - Business Strategist

Here’s how to Level-up your business…


Be clear on your goals

You need to be crystal clear on your goals. Because it’s your goals that will fuel your journey as an entrepreneur and business owner!


Become a master strategist

Being an Entrepreneur requires passion. But passion won’t grow or scale your business. Learning to become a Business Strategist will…


Scale one single product

You ‘might’ GROW your business with multiple products… But you won’t SCALE it! You need to tighten your focus for scale!

That’s it!

There are a million ways to actually enable daily growth. But without these three things nailed. You will be wasting your time…!

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Are you ready to level-up your business?

The A&S Academy Teaches two core skills:

1) Become a strategist

The effort you spend needs to be worth your time.

The A&S Academy is here to help entrepreneurs to ‘THINK’ like ‘Business Strategists’.

So you can become ‘Business Owners’.

Anyone can have an idea.

But unless you can put that idea into practice… You will be doing yourself and your audience a disservice.

2) Implement like a Pro!

This isn’t just another ‘Mastermind’…

Forget the fluff that others teach and that doesn’t work.

Instead we focus on what does work!

You get tangible, effective, actionable methods.

Methods that are proven to work, time after time…

Learn how to:

The effort you spend needs to be worth your time.

  1. Be consistent in your business
  2. Find and Build your Audience
  3. Become visible in your market
  4. Earn trust from your potential customers
  5. How to transform the lives of your customers
  6. Build so much love from your customers… They will send more business your way than you could possibly imagine! 

2021 Course Content & Workshops:

All the tactical implementation and frameworks you will ever need!

In addition to the core A&S Academy Content… Bonus Masterclass Events Coming in 2021:

  • Start and Scale with YouTube
  • Content & Lead Generation on LinkedIn
  • Instagram Sales & Engagement
  • Repurposing Content like a Pro!
  • Copywriting Secrets. How to sell with words!
  • And much much more!

Hey, i’m Dan Holloway

Founder of Authority & Status Academy

I’m a Business Strategist, Mentor & Coach

Husband | Father | Cake Addict

I have been scaling businesses for over 20 years (wow, that makes me sound old! ha).

So you could say I know a thing or two about what works. And what will quite literally waste your time, effort and money…

I’m sorry to tell you… There is FAR MORE bad advice out there, than there is good!

Continue reading and you’ll get the truth of actually how to grow and scale your business…

What do you get inside the A&S Academy?

Dan is brilliant at cutting through the BS and getting to the point. He was so helpful at pointing out where I needed to be concentrating on my business and how to stop wasting money on stupid Facebook courses!

- Wendy

Specialist Educator & Entrepreneur


Access to all framework course content


12x Weekly Coaching Calls to keep you on-track


Worksheets to refine and record your progress


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12 Month Access to Private Accountability Group

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I now have a much clearer view of financial projections and automations I can implement to scale and streamline things. To maximise my time so I can focus on my key thing – coaching clients.

– Dave

Coach & Serial Entrepreneur