About Dan Holloway


Hi i'm Dan,

I launched my Coaching Business back in 2015. And before that i'd spent nearly 20yrs scaling venture capital and private equity backed ventures.

I learned how to start, grow and scale businesses... But that learning came with a price and it's a price I don't want other Entrepreneurs (or Intrapreneurs) to suffer, as I did...!

The honest truth is that life is too short to sacrifice more than you need to. And I see budding entrepreneurs sacrificing far far too much in their persuit of success...

It's not healthy. It doesn't make you a hero. And i'm on a mission to help Entrepreneurs to succeed in business, without that pain!

Ready to level-up your business...? Let's talk:

You see, the truth is. Business is actually very easy...

It's we lovely, complicated humans, who make it harder than is has to be!

My mission since 2015 has been to help entrepreneurs start, grow and scale their businesses...

But more importantly. To do so without the complication, without the stress and without the bullsh*t!

My 4-step approach is very simple:

And it's done with: No spam. No snake oil. No lies. No crypto scams. No bullying. No sketchy MLM’s. No promises of 6-figure businesses in 90 days. And definitely no selling pieces of your soul!

Step 1) Actually SOLVE a problem for your audience!

It's amazing how many entrepreneurs set up their business for themselves, not their audience... Then are surprised why their audience doesn't seem too interested in buying.

"It's not about you. It's about them..."

Step 2) Create an 'OFFER' so enticing, your audience will kick themselves if they don't buy it there and then!

Your business is made (or broken) on the power of this one core 'offer'.

Get it right and your business will skyrocket! Get it wrong and it'll barely get off the ground...

Step 3) The sale is just the beginning... Your business needs to 'WOW' your customers every step of the way!

Every piece of content. Every deliverable. Ever interaction. They all need to remind the customer why they love working with you...

If they feel great. They'll tell their friends... When they tell their friends. You have the cheapest source of scale there is!

Step 4) "GROWTH comes from work. Scale comes from Operations" - (Write that down!)

The greatest increase in profits your business will ever see... Comes not from sales. But from the 'unsexy work' that no one will ever see!

Systems, Processes, Tools, Automation... That is Operations. And it's crucial!

When you're ready to talk about how we can work together to level-up your business:

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