Are we all Conspiracy Theorists?

by | Feb 11, 2021 | Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship Advice

I used to think all conspiracy theorists were ‘nuts’… But I was wrong!
(I have since evolved my vocabulary over the years, too!)

You see. When you understand ‘why’ they believe the things they believe, you understand the one simple truth.

They are not ‘nuts’… They’re often victims.

Most are just like you and I… There’s no difference between us. Except for one thing.

They have layers of ‘imposed commitments’ that we don’t!

Because it comes down to the psychology of belief.

The psychology of belief:

If you make enough tiny micro commitments. Small agreements. Usually innocuous in themselves… But when you layer enough of them all together. They become a near unstoppable influence on our belief. And therefore our behaviour!

Sometimes people do this to themselves without even realising it… But usually, it’s someone external imposing this influence onto them.

And make no mistake here… There is deliberate intent behind this.

The strategies and tactics at play are: Sophisticated. Planned. And full of intent!

It doesn’t ‘just happen’!

Because when there are enough of these micro commitments in our minds… Unravelling them requires us to face and admit to being wrong. Not just to one thing. But to a great many small things!

And who among us can do that with ease?!

Undoing micro-commitments:

The impact of doing so can be profoundly damaging to our mental health. So our minds do what our minds do best….

They protect us from harm.

Remaining a ‘conspiracy theorist’ becomes, in itself, armour… Veiled as defending our beliefs. When in fact it’s protection from a truth that our minds cannot face. The truth that we’re victims.

And if you noticed. I started talking about ‘they’. I am now talking about ‘us’ and ‘we’. Because we are all victims. I am. You are. We all are… Somewhere along the line, we have all fallen victim to what I’m talking about.

And I don’t know about you. But accepting that I am a victim, for me, is not an easy thing to do! But it’s the truth.

The wider problem:

You don’t only see what I’m talking about at play in conspiracy theorists.

When you look at it.. It’s plain as day in politics. Communities. Cultures. Religion. Marketing. Branding.

You see it all day, every day!

And it’s why, in working with clients, I talk so much about ethics!

“With great power comes great responsibility”.
(Thank you Spiderman for one of my favourite quotes!).

You see, in my world, i’m a Business Strategist. And when I work with clients. The pressure I feel, for what I teach to be used in an ethical way, is immense!

I help Entrepreneurs to Start, Grow and Scale their businesses… So I know a thing or two about marketing. And branding. Human behaviour and psychology.

Authority & Status:

I know what builds buy-in, Influence, Authority and Status.

My business is even called ‘Authority & Status‘.

None of which are negative in themselves…

It’s the intent behind them that makes the difference!

My clients ‘could’ become forces for incredible harm. Or, as I help them to become, incredible forces for good.

The only thing stopping them is whether they implement what I teach them ethically and from a place of positive intent…

And as subjective as terms such as ‘good’ and ‘ethical’ can be… In my business I have one simple rule:

‘Transform with love”

Why ‘Transform with love”?

It’s actually the title of one of my core educational pillars!

And it’s usually followed by: “And don’t be a d*ck!” ha.

(If anyone asks me what that means, my response is always: “If I have to explain it, you’re not ready to work with me!”).

If more people in business and beyond would treat their audiences with a higher level of ethics and care. I truly believe the world would be a better place…

Our mental health would be improved. Our relationships deeper and more meaningful. But alas, I don’t see that happening any time soon.

Which honestly saddens me to say aloud.

But if just one person is improved after reading this. Then that’s enough.

Looking inward:

If you look at the political beliefs you have held for years. And start to admit to yourself, they were never your own in the first place.

Then that’s enough.

If that ‘influencer’ you used to rave about, you finally see through the lens of clarity. And you now see them for manipulating you as they did.

Then that’s enough.

If you see that 5-day challenge for what it was. The one that promised to help you. But actually made you feel so overwhelmed, you bought a course you didn’t even want.

Then that’s enough.

If you see what happens in news. In politics. In the workplace. For what they are. Not what someone else wants you to ‘believe’ they are.

Then that’s enough.

If you once believed the earth was flat. But you now start to see a curve…

Then that’s enough.

My wish for you is this.

The next time you notice yourself making a tiny agreement.

Ask yourself. “Do I really believe this?”.

If you ever start to feel yourself venturing down an unexpected rabbit hole.

Ask yourself. “Is this really my rabbit hole. Or is it someone else’s?”.

Love you all x


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