How to Create a Social Media Profile Picture that POPS! – CANVA Tutorial 2020

Today we are going to be jumping into how to create a social media profile picture that pops.

And hopefully get you more clicks, more attention, more interest from your target audience.

What we explain to our clients within the Authority & Status Academy, is to create an image of a dimensions of 1000 by 1000 pixels.

This is so that you can pretty much use this profile picture on any social media platform you’ll have, it doesn’t really matter, you can just downsize it however you want.

Right, so this gives you a canvas.

What we’re gonna do is, go to elements go to circle frame.

Now you’ll see a couple of circle frames here where there’s an image in them, want to go for the one with the thin border, okay, so we’re going to drag this, to be a little bit enlarged we will ideally stick it around about 930 pixels wide.

We go to uploads. Now, I’m just gonna select this image here now you wanna click it, click on effects, and click on background remover.

Continued in the video…