How to take a GREAT LinkedIn Profile Picture for Entrepreneurs

In this video, we dig into how to take a great profile picture for your LinkedIn Profile, but also one that you can use on your other social media platforms.

How to stand out among the crowd. Win the click. And start to build a relationship with your target audience. And it all starts with a great profile photo!

I break down the five things that you need to get right in order to make your profile stand out and be sure to stick around till the end because I’m gonna share with you a great little hack that will make you stand out even louder and prouder on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

First off, let’s be sure to understand what we are achieving with a great LinkedIn profile picture for your LinkedIn profile.

It’s not the be all and end all of your profile but it’s a really important component of standing out and building relationships on the platform as a part of your profile as a whole.

The way it works is that every post you put out onto the platform, every comment you leave on someone else’s posts, someone else’s content, every like you give someone else, or your own content if you’re so way inclined… Your profile photo is the very first thing that your audience actually sees.

And psychologically speaking most of the Western world as we read from left to right, our eyes naturally move across the page from left to right…

Continued in the video…