Since 2015 I have worked with hundreds of Startups, Solopreneurs and SME’s. Guiding, Mentoring & Speaking at Events, helping them along their journey.

Helping those daring enough to embark on a life as an Entrepreneur, is a privilege. Not to mention a responsibility.

When you have mentored and spoken at events for as long as I have. You know the following to be true… Mentoring can absolutely:

Accelerate YOUR path to entrepreneurial success!

What is Mentorship?

  • Mentorship is guiding Entrepreneurs along their journey
  • Mentorship is passing on the lessons learned, to shorten the path of learning the hard way
  • Mentorship is supporting you when times are tough
  • Mentorship is celebrating you when times are great
  • Mentorship is having the hard conversations, even when you don’t want to hear it (but know deep down that you need it!)
  • Mentorship is partnership

What isn’t Mentorship?

  • Mentorship is not doing it for you
  • Mentorship is not bullying you into doing as you are told
  • Mentorship is not giving you endless homework
  • Mentorship is not ‘Coaching’ from someone who has never walked the roads upon which you are wanting to travel

If you feel that you are running on an endless hamster wheel. Feel that you are stuck. Feel that you are procrastinating instead of getting started…

Then Mentorship may well be for you. Let’s just jump on a call to talk it through.

Grab a time in my diary that suits you… If there’s a slot that works, and it’s free, then it’s yours!

Let’s talk!
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