DKB 1: Welcome to the #DanKnows Business Podcast!

Hello and welcome to the #DanKnows Business - Podcast! When it comes to growing your businesses, it's hard. It's not an easy thing for anyone. And those who tell you differently are either lucky or they're lying.

Hello and welcome to the #DanKnows Business – Podcast!

My name is Dan Holloway. I am a business coach and mentor specifically helping creative entrepreneurs and to start, grow and scale their businesses.

When it comes to growing your businesses, it’s hard. It’s not an easy thing for anyone. And those who tell you differently are either lucky or they’re lying.

At the end of the day, it basically comes down to… If you want to start, grow and scale your businesses, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

Your Journey as a Creative Entrepreneur:

If you go into your business journey thinking it’s going to be just one sprint after another, then you’re probably not going to succeed. You know, those people who do succeed at that do so more through luck than by design. And I can say that because I’ve been helping businesses to start, grow and scale for nearly 20 years.

And over that time, I have learned one simple thing and that’s when you’ve removed the fluff and the BS. All it really means to start, grow or scale a business is consistent action and consistent effort towards the actual goal you’re trying to achieve. And avoiding distractions and avoiding procrastination and avoiding all those shiny objects that get in your way.

If you can do that, you will succeed, but it is far far easier to say than to do!

A dose of truth!

brown wooden blocks on white surface

Now I can say no fluff and no BS, because you know, right now there are many people out there who are going to recording studios and podcast studios, recording content just as I am right now, except they’re in a studio.

They are massively over-complicating what can be a very, very simple thing!

So I, right now I’m recording this podcast and many of the episodes are recorded on this podcast, and will be in the future, on a very simple microphone. And I’m doing it right now in my garden, recording this podcast through what’s called a Rode Wireless GO, connected straight into my Macbook Air.

Nothing complicated, nothing fancy. I’m just keeping it simple and keeping it real. And if you don’t like that, then you’re probably not my ideal audience. If you don’t mind. And if you actually quite like the raw nature and the unfiltered nature and the lack of vanity in how I actually create content, then you and I are probably going to get on quite well!

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So on this podcast, you’re going to learn all about the entrepreneurial advice, the business tips and the operational and marketing awesomeness that I have learned over the 20 year period that I’ve been starting, growing and scaling businesses. So if that sounds great to you, then subscribe and you’ll be the first to know when new episodes go live.

Thanks for listening. And I will catch you in the next episode!

Dan Holloway
Business Coach & Mentor
to Creative Entrepreneurs
Founder, The #DanKnows Vault

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