DKB 19: Do you really need a website for your business?

So it’s time to dig into a very contentious topic. Do you need a website for your business? Do you really need a website? Like really need a website? Well, let’s dig into that!

So it’s time to dig into a very contentious topic. Do you need a website for your business? Do you really need a website? Like really need a website?

Well, let’s dig into that!

My name’s Dan Holloway, I’m a business coach and a mentor. And my mission is to help 1 million creative entrepreneurs to earn a stable, diverse income from doing what they love.

And to get an income. A lot of people immediately think:

” I need a website for my business”.

They either I need a website or they think I need a logo either way. If they start with trying to get a website built, they’ll think, oh my God, I need a logo for my website, or they’ll start with a logo. And immediately once I’ve got the logo, they think, right, well, I’ve got a logo and I don’t need a website to put that logo on.

Gone are the days where the first thing you do is print off some business cards. I think the markets in most online sectors have moved away from business cards these days. I don’t think anyone really bothers with them. Certainly not in my world. There are some in-person markets and verticals, obviously where business cards are still very, very much a thing, but certainly post COVID business cards kind of, aren’t really doing it for a lot of people anymore.

But websites. Now a lot of businesses are transitioning online where post COVID.

I’m recording this as of July, 2021. So we’re not really post COVID yet, but we’re over the first couple of humps and things are starting to stabilize a little bit.

But still, it has over the past 12 to 18 months, been a very, very difficult time for a lot of people, very challenging with a lot of businesses and many of them have pivoted to online.

And one of the first things they would have thought was I need a website, I need a website and they start a blog. I need to start doing search engine optimization. I need to start doing Facebook ads.

I need this, I need that.

Now we’re going to challenge all of those ways of thinking, because I don’t believe you need a website unless you NEED a website!

 What do I mean by that?

So I have a website because I have a long term strategy for search engine optimization, re-purposing of contents and a content engine, which is specifically directed at evergreen based content across multiple platforms, for which my blog is one of the central components.

So because of that, I need a website to host my blog, to host various components of my content engine and other alternatives for that simply wouldn’t work for me.

I could put all the blog content on somewhere like Medium. But that’s not great for components of conversion or tracking or various other things that I want to be doing as part of my content strategy. And the engine that is my content machine. Hence the reason I need a website.

Now let’s look at, say a local coffee shop, for example.

Do they need a website?

Chances are probably not! What they need is the ability to have contact information, reviews, the ability to have people find them easily. The ability for people to look at their menus, to get a sense for whether or not it’s the kind of place they want to go, when they pop into town.

That’s kind of what they need to know as a customer on their buying journey.

Do you need a website for that kind of thing? Maybe yes, maybe no, it could be a single one page website. It could be a Google, my business, local search page. It could be a landing page from.

They could host all of that content very easily on an Instagram profile. They could focus as a social media strategy, their entire direction, all of their content, towards that Instagram platform.

Images of the food that they create, patrons coming into their business, enjoying time with their friends and their family.

Things that they believe and the things that they value, quotes, lifestyle ideas, tips on healthy eating. There could be all sorts of things you could do in that kind of environment.

You could book a table directly within the Instagram app via various integrations. You could host a single simple page on numerous social media links platforms out there of which there are many. Which literally just hosts a list of the menu items.

You could have a chat bots integrated within that Instagram page, where someone wants to have access to a menu. They send you a DM saying the word ‘menu’, and they’ll get sent a PDF and they’ll enter your chat bot sequences to then nurture you as a potential local or client send you message reminders of when evening events, so on and so on.

None of that needs a website.

For my own business. If I hadn’t implemented the long term content strategy that I have and have been doing for quite some time now, then chances I probably wouldn’t have actually had a website at all. I’d had a simple landing page with a  form to book a call or so on.

  Actually use something called Convertkit and I’ll put a link to the description below about that. So that’s my email marketing platform.

 Convert kit has a really good feature where it does actually host landing pages. So if I didn’t have a website as such, I could have a landing page, which is kind of a website.

But it’s just literally a single page. Very, simple with a signup form on it, to book a call with me.

I could do something very, very simple like that..

So the answer to the question, ‘Do I need a website?”, is often no.

But to get to that point, you need to understand a few nuances about what websites are and what they’re not, and why you need them, or you don’t.

 And I alluded to this earlier, where I mentioned about customer journey.

When you understand the customer journey, i.e. The journey that your customer, your ideal customer takes, from the point of not knowing that you exist, to being aware that you exist, to knowing that they want to sample your products or services, to them being a client.

That whole journey, when you understand all of those steps, intrinsically, the website is literally a mechanism by which to fulfill one or a number of those steps.

If a website makes sense to do that and to act upon that task. Great. If it doesn’t, then there are many, many, many other methods you can use that will accomplish that.

But a website isn’t necessarily it!

So in the next episode, I’m actually going to talk about the buyer’s journey and really digging into what that is.

 So tune into the next episode, where I’m going to be digging into that in much, much more depth. If you want to learn more about that topic, then tune into the next episode.

Thanks for joining and I speak to you then.

Dan Holloway
Business Coach & Mentor
to Creative Entrepreneurs
Founder, The #DanKnows Vault

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