DKB 2: Solve a problem as your audience defines it. Not as you do!

In this episode we're going to be talking about how to communicate, how are you going to solve a problem for your customers, clients, or audience... So how many of you actually speak to your audience and the way in which they speak to themselves?

You are a problem solver!

In this episode we’re going to be talking about how to communicate, how are you going to solve a problem for your customers, clients, or audience…

So how many of you actually speak to your audience and the way in which they speak to themselves?

A lot of the time, what I see a lot of clients come to me and they say:

“Oh, I’ve been trying to get my message out there”.

And they say:

“We’re trying to get leads”.

“Trying to generate revenue”.

“I’ve been trying to get people on my webcast”.

“Get people into my Facebook group”.

I say…

“What’s the offer?”

“What’s the narrative you’re using?”

And often they’ll come out with this kind of like long-winded fancy sounding piece of copy. Something they’ve probably paid a copywriter an exorbitant amount of money for.

And I look at it and I think:

“Who’s that aimed at? Who’s that targeted at?”

“Who’s going to resonate with what you were saying?”

And I asked the question:

“Are you solving the problem as your audience is defining it, or you solving the problem as you’re defining it?”

And most of the time it’s the latter!

So i’ll give you an example. I did a live couple of years ago, when my baby girl was barely a year old.

She was sat on my lap and I had a cookie in my hand.

I said to her:

“Emma, would you like this cookie? It’s full of goodness. It’s full of protein. It’s full of carbs. It’s got some sugar in it, which I probably shouldn’t give you anyway. But would you like it? Do you desire this biscuit, cookie or otherwise confectionary goodness, that I’m holding in my hand right now, to accentuate your morning?”

And she looked at me completely blank!

As she would, because she’s a baby, right!?

I then talked to the camera for a couple of minutes while she was just sat on my lap, just bouncing up and down. Like she always used to because she’s quite cute.

And then I said:

“Okay, let’s try and use her own language. Right?”

I just said:

“Emma”. And I held the cookie in front of us. Exactly as I did last time. And I said:

“Cookie… Want it?”

Changing my tonality of voice and everything, as well.

And she immediately reached out, grabbed the cookie and tried to stick it in her mouth!

WHOLE! Bare in mind, because she’s a bit of a gannet!

And that’s because I’m speaking her language. Right?

The Facebook Live from back in 2019 – How cute is she..? Right! lol

I’ll give you another example.

Let’s say for instance, a woman is post birth…

She wants to start up with a personal trainer and start getting back to where her body used to be before pregnancy.

This is a conversation I had with my wife, fairly recently.

She’s been seeing all this narrative talking about health and fitness, muscular recovery etc.

So I asked, “Why do you want to start up with being healthy again?”

And she said:

“Well, I just like to bend over and not feel like I’m going to wet myself… Because i’ve got the pelvic floor of a 90-yr old…”

Those are the exact words she used.

A lot of the time, people will talk about the things they think their audience is wanting to hear…

Fitness routines and nutrition… Explaining what ketosis is… All that stuff.

My wife doesn’t care what a Ketone is!

She cares that she gets the body back. The one she used to have (or at least close to it), after having kids!

That’s what she cares about…!

And if/when you speak her language, you will connect with her far, far more strongly. More powerfully.

And more deeply, than if you try and get fancy with your words.

Just like the example with Emma.

She wanted a cookie.

She didn’t understand everything else I said in the first example. She didn’t care! It just went in one ear and out the other.

She just looked at me blank with no idea.

But when I said, “Cookie? Want it?”

Immediately she went to grab it… Cause I’m speaking her language!

So my advice to you today is to just listen to your audience.

To speak to them.

woman in black jacket sitting beside woman in white blazer

If you haven’t actually spoken to them for a while, talk to them about what it is they ‘actually’ want.

Use their words back at them.

Take the results from surveys or conversations you have.

Post comments that you receive.

Use the words they give you in your narrative!

Use those words to hook your wider target audience in your content.

Because if your clients are thinking it. Then others will be thinking it too!

It’s not necessary to be fancy.

It’s just necessary to be clear and concise.

And you don’t have to fluff it up!

So that’s my advice for you today…

Have a good one.

Take it easy and I’ll speak to you again, next time!

Dan Holloway
Business Coach & Mentor
to Creative Entrepreneurs
Founder, The #DanKnows Vault

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