Events are still one of the most best ways to learn, meet new people and achieve rapid transformation.

That, after all, is what we all strive for, right…? Transformation! And that is what I bring to all events I speak at.

At many events you will hear surface level information… Nothing more than you can get from quickly checking out the speakers social media pages.

The rest is what essentially amounts to a sales pitch. And usually not a very veiled one either! ha.

That’s NOT how I roll!

When I present to an audience, I go deep… My presentations are compressed Entrepreneurial Mentoring sessions. Bringing over 20yrs of experience and knowledge to your event.

Your Audience will often still be digesting the value bombs days, weeks and even months after the event!

As a Business Strategist, by presentations are not about the latest trends. The changes to the various social media algorithms and so on… Sure I share those too. But that’s the easy stuff!

For me, it’s all about real, true, deep transformation. On a strategic, transformational level.

Because once you get the strategy right, everything else falls into place.

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